Complimentary feeds encompass a huge range of products fed for a variety of reasons. From broad based vitamin and mineral supplements to make up for deficiencies of basic micronutrients in modern feeding patterns, for example, making up for limited numbers of plants and grass species in grazing and forage. To more scientifically advanced products which target specific areas of need, such as joint health, respiratory function, digestion, behaviour, skin disorders and age. At LEONARD COOMBE MASTER SADDLERS we stock 4 of the leading brands in equine complimentary feeds; NAF, GLOBAL HERBS, NET-TEX and EQUUS HEALTH.


NAF was established in 1983. The aim was to bring the latest in equine nutritional support to the horse owner. That has not changed and NAF continues to research and develop novel and unique approaches to equine health. All products produced by NAF are based upon combining sound scientific principles with the latest knowledge of complementary feeding. By constantly furthering their understanding and educating the end user, they hope to allay some of the 'muck and mystery' theories that tend to surround natural products. There is nothing magical about their actions. Plant and natural extracts work because we know they contain certain key chemical compounds which have a direct effect on one or more systems within the body. Choosing a natural extract for your horse's health does not mean you are turning your back on rational scientific principles, you are in fact, simply choosing to apply science in a natural way


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Global Herbs - a herbal health company - is based in the South Downs near Chichester, West .Sussex, UK.  The company is run by a vet, Stephen Ashdown and his staff, and aims to provide a quick efficient service to animal owners generally  - especially horse owners -  providing them with exactly the right supplements they need to keep their horses, pets and themselves in the best of health.  Our service does not aim to compete with that provided by your local vet or health care professional but complements the help that you are already receiving


Ancient Wisdom – Modern Science

Before modern health services started people and  animals had to rely on plants and traditional practices to keep themselves healthy.  Many of the foods that we eat everyday and plants that grow in our gardens and countryside have beneficial properties.  For example garlic helps keep chest clear, tackles parasites and can help keep skin in good condition.  Chamomile flowers make a great calming tea and help relax the bowels.

In countries like India and China the way of combining herbs and the in-depth knowledge associated with their use was first written down thousands of years ago and is still available today.  The use of such ancient traditions when fused with modern scientific principles and ideas has given Global Herbs a unique range of herbal products (Specialist horse herb products like Laminitis Prone Supplement have proven very successful).  Global Herbs aims to give you access to the most important herbal traditions around the world together with the sort of advice you need to make them the as effective as possible.

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Promoting high quality natural products
Their products are aimed at the equine, but in most cases are equally of use to all animals and humans.

Equus Health Straight Herbs


Our entire range of specially sourced natural herbs are all 'human food grade'. You can be assured that you will be purchasing the highest quality products available for your horse

Equus Health Mixed Herbs

Our range of naturally mixed herbs, are renowned for their high quality ingredients, their efficacy and good balance to meet the exact needs to your horse.

Equus Health Supplements

Equus health also do a large range of top quality supplements, including pure Glucosamine.

Equus Health Homeopathies

Homeopathy is a means of treating 'like with like'. An approach which aims to promote general health by reinforcing the body's own natural healing capacity. Easy to administer - popular and successful with horses, dogs, cats and their owners!

Branded Product Ranges sourced by Equus Health

It is the policy at Equus Health that before promoting any of their sourced products, to trial and test all of them for the job intended plus their value for money. This means you can have the confidence when purchasing these products, that you will be getting the best results for your horse.


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The NEW Net-Tex Carl Hester Performance Range brings together top international rider Carl Hester’s experience as a rider and trainer with Net-Tex’s scientific knowledge and in-house equine chemists to bring you a collection of supplements suitable for top competition horses through to pleasure horses


We all want the very best for our horses and ponies, which is why Net-Tex and Carl have created this range of everyday supplements to help with all areas of equine health. From joint supplements and electrolytes to calmers, respiratory aids, hoof builders and all round tonics this collection of essential products promote health, well being and performance for every horse. Many of these products are designed to be preventative, so by feeding them as a matter of course you can help prevent problems in the future. All of Carl's young horses are fed joint supplements,  not only do they help keep their mobility and suppleness into their older years but with the wear and tear  placed on competition horses it helps keep them sound with the more demanding work they have.

All the products have been tried and tested on Carl's horses and extensive research and formulations have had the seal of approval from him and his team. The equine specialists at Net-Tex have created the Advanced Technology Series to produce products that give outstanding performance, quickly. All products are researched, formulated and manufactured here in the UK giving every horse owner total reassurance that Net-Tex have their horse's health and performance interests at heart.

The Carl Hester Performance Range is designed for every horse whether an Olympic prospect or lovable pony. Every horse deserves the best and helping them to keep aching joints at bay, build strong hooves or calm their nerves is as relevant for a riding club horse as it is for an International prospect.  Horses of all ages, temperaments and ability benefit from a little help. Carl is proud to be able to put his name on this range and hopes that it becomes part of your horse's daily health programme. He believes the range certainly guarantees him the performance he needs and that the results speak for themselves

Carl Hester

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